About Us

Triares' success is directly tied to the company philosophy of bringing together the right people and creating the right technological tools to tackle difficult problems. Triares’ companies are comprised of hundreds of talented, smartest and enthusiastic people you will ever meet. We’re always looking for motivated and entrepreneurial people to join us.

In mathematics triares are geometric pieces that fit together to create larger structures. This is how we view our business - all the people in our company, brands & technology, we all fit together to create a greater whole. We believe that when the right pieces come together, the whole becomes much greater than the sum of its individual parts.

Our Story

In the earliest years of Triares formation, founder Fabio Espindula brought together a small group of co-founders to help build the technological foundation and the initial partnerships for the company. Once Triares began to grow, Fabio continued hiring talented and skillful employees to help attain his vision.

After discovering opportunities in several different verticals, Triares continued building the technology and infrastructure needed to serve the SMB and enterprise clients in these new markets.

Following this approach, Triares has built eight businesses that have an economic impact of $1.8B+. Triares established over 2k nationally recognized brands spanning several industries including Home Improvement, Legal, Automotive Services, and Insurance.

When all of these pieces came together, magic started to happen.